Discover an innovative way to do in-game marketing.

When watching advertisements allows players to win something, it is seen in a different way.

Generate traffic with checkpoints

To get in-game bonuses, players must pass through specific locations to earn rewards. Why not in your shop or restaurant?

  • Create traffic in your shop
  • Pay only when a player comes to your shop
  • Offer a discount coupon to players
  • Add your own video

By watching your videos, our players win bonuses

It's the perfect way to give a first good image of your brand. Our players are rewarded for watching your video ads.

  • Generate visibility for your brand
  • Pay only if your videos are viewed
  • Highlight one of your products
  • Your videos can't be skipped until the end

Launching your product with a popular mobile game

Reach a maximum number of players by offering your product to win in our game.

  • A different look for your product
  • Reach a new audience
  • Create a real game around your product
  • Choose your conditions


Set a budget that works for you.

Set your budget

Set a budget and never spend more than your monthly limit.

Stay flexible

No need to commit to a contract. Adjust your advertising budget or pause your ads whenever you need.

Pay for results

Only pay when people take action, like clicking your ad to visit your site or call your business.

Give your business a different image and attract new customers with Treasure Hunters

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